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The Secret World of Boy Racers

Investigating the hidden world of British Boy Racers

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The real fast and furious

Social media has spawned a new breed of boy racers, who are viewing, sharing, and copying extreme driving content online. This documentary gains unprecedented access to the secretive figures running Britain’s new underground car scene from their mobile phones, gather thousands of car fanatics every week to play a cat and mouse game with the police.

‘There’s no better feeling than your heart absolutely f**king racing’

Despite police efforts to crack down on these so-called boy racers, young lads stay one step ahead and some are even organising high-speed races on British streets, hitting speeds in excess of 170mph and putting their own lives and the general public at risk.

Filmed, Produced and Directed by

Charlie Mole

Assistant Producer

George Grafton

Film Editor

Rory Murphy

Production Manager

Fiona Clark

Executive Producers

Benjamin Zand
Josh Reynolds

  • 30 MINUTES